Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Week in Photos

I just noticed that all of our pictures for the week take place in the kitchen; it is the heart of our home!

 Our attempts at solid foods are going a bit better this week.  August is a messy, but spirited, eater!

 The color is awful in this iPhone picture, but I love how well they're matching here.  My men are very stylish.

 That face.
I can't even.

 There is magic happening in that saucepan.  August and I made some chocolate-peppermint toffee for our friends last weekend, and he was quite taken with the wooden spoon I was using with the butter/sugar.  Maybe he will love to cook one day.

I also made this beautiful chocolate bundt cake with chocolate ganache, which totally did not photograph well but tasted divine.

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