Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Week in Photos

 August turned 5 months on Thanksgiving!  Can you believe how big he's gotten?  Most mornings, he gets a round of music on his Kick 'N Play Piano (kick it with his feet, a little ditty plays); such a talented little kid.

 After Thanksgiving last week, my cousin Justin came over from South Carolina!  We had an absolutely lovely visit, and we treated him to a game of mud football at our friend's house in northern Georgia on Friday afternoon.  Justin and August kept me company on the sidelines.

 That's JP in the middle, catching a football and representing the Diego family.  For someone who so adamantly declares that American football isn't as intense as European futbol, he sure was tired at the end of the game!

 The few, the proud, the dirty.

On Saturday, JP woke up achy, feverish, and with a hacking cough.  I didn't even let him look at August, who has not yet received a flu shot, but sent him straight to the Minute Clinic for a check-up from the doctor on-duty.  He tested positive for Strain B Influenza, and has spent more of this week confined to the couch.
Mia does't mind.
I should reassure you that he is on the upswing, and will make a full recovery soon.  I assume.

 We love books here in the Diego house!

 My little superbaby!

 Two Augusts for the price of one!  It's an early Christmas miracle!

 I did head out for lunch with my men on Wednesday after yoga.  August was so well-behaved that we got a compliment from the gentlemen sitting next to us!  It warmed my little heart.

 A blurry, but cute, baking assistant on Wednesday.  We're whipping up some Christmas treats!

Man, this kid is just too cute for words.   


  1. He IS too cute for words! Love all of these pictures--i'm doing my arm exercises to get ready for his visit! His feet will not touch the floor :)

  2. Amen to that Haley!!! Definitely too cute for words. Sorry JP was puny but hope he's on the mend. I've had laryngitis for a month (!!!). Do you think I've talked so much all these years that my voice is giving out??? Noooo!!!!! Still too much to say!

  3. August certainly lives an interesting life - football, lunch out, cooking, reading and flying!