Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Week in Photos

 What a busy week we just finished!  Last Friday, August entertained himself with our Apple TV remote while I worked out and tidied up the house for Aunt Haley's visit.  She was our babysitter and general sanity-minder while my sister-in-law Ana got married (!!) on Saturday.

 Before the wedding, though, we had a friend's baptism (he's the baby furthest on the right) at the same church just 2 hours pre-ceremony!  We're so lucky to have found great parent friends here in Atlanta.

 Auntie Haley helped August have his own little Graduate moment at All-Saints.
We are very amused by his movie references.

 Then, thanks to a lot of patience from his godmother, August took a nap during the ceremony.  Such a sleepy boy and such a wonderful aunt for holding him for so long!

 Ana is now a wife!!  Seriously, she was a stunning bride, and Adam looked so darn handsome I could hardly stand it.  I'm so glad to have another wonderful brother-in-law!  Congratulations to the happy couple!  Now, when are you giving August a cousin?

 Supermodel boy and his sidekick, Mia the Wonderdog.

 August has recently discovered a deep love for our dishwasher, which is kind of cute at first, then a huge pain because it's impossible to unload it with him underfoot.  Thankfully, he seems content to also open random kitchen cabinets and bang on plastic strainers.

 There is an absolutely awesome playground/park a quick drive from our house, and we met up with JP for lunch on Thursday.  The adults enjoyed some Publix subs then helped August crawl around the tunnels and stairs.

 I think this is my new favorite picture of him and his squishy little face.  Christmas card!

I used this gorgeous morning as an excuse to take the kids for a hike around Leita Thompson, and was greeted with this view through an opening in the trees.  There are a lot of things I miss about DC still, but moments like this are a good reminder of why we moved here. 

This wiggly, quick, smiley, entertaining boy.  He is my favorite little man.

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  1. Love her gown -- but love those pictures of our favorite little guy even more! Thanks for posting. XXXXX