Friday, May 23, 2014

Our Week in Photos

If the babies are happy, we're all happy.

Lately, when August is having a meltdown, just taking him into our backyard and letting him put his little toes in the dirt seems to calm him right down.  I think he's going to be our outdoorsman.

On Saturday, we took August up to DC to visit some friends and our old stomping grounds. While we waited for our flight, August tried to talk JP into giving up a bit of his cheese danish.

While at the National Zoo, he was more entertained by pie crust from Pie Sisters than by the beavers we sat next to.  Tough kid to impress.

Katrina trekked all in the way to the Zoo to meet us and August!  And she brought my favorite pie!  Friends are the best.

We stayed with our friends who had an 8-month old, and it was so surreal to watch the men pushing strollers.  There was a time when we spent our mornings at leisurely two-hour brunches, sipping mimosas and discussing the late-night movies we'd seen recently.  Now, we're talking about nap times and Netflix!

 August's latest thing is crawling up plastic slides, which results in a treadmill effect for him.  Whatever wears him out.

We got to catch up with Aunt SJ!  She is so patient with the little man, and he loved her tickles.

 On Monday morning, we walked into Georgetown for Baked and Wired and a picnic on the waterfront.
Don't worry- August's espresso cup is empty.

I call this one, "Papa y los patos."


  1. I couldn't wait for your "Our Week in Photos" Friday and you didn't disappoint!! Looked like a great time catching up with friends/family in DC. August is getting sooooo big and more adorable all the time!

    1. He's becoming such a little man! It's amazing how time has flown over the past year. xo Abbi