Monday, May 12, 2014

Sick Days

August has been sick for the past few days (since Thursday, when he registered a 102.1 fever), so we've been taking it easy around the Diego house.  Nothing too serious; our doctor just thinks he has a baby version of a sinus infection, and his fever is gone as of this morning.  There is a lot of coughing and nose stuff happening, though, so most of my attention has gone to the little man.
What to do with a little man who is under the weather?  Our play dates were canceled, dinners with adults were rain checked, and we've hunkered down inside the house.  I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, though!
-Bubbles!  We've got tubes of them around the house (near the high chair, living room play area, upstairs nursery, diaper bag), and they are perfect for distracting a fussy kid.  I can usually get at least 15 minutes to contented play out of them.
-Outdoor time.  I've got two picnic blankets (one in the car, one near our backyard door), so we can head outside to listen to the birds, watch Mia sniff around, touch all the leaves near the stairs, and swing!  We can be outside for up to 30 minutes without complaint.
-Baby gym. More than anything, August just wants to be mobile these days.  With adult supervision and guidance, he loves crawling/walking up our stairs as many times as our legs allow it.  He also loves to scurry over pillows I lay on the living room floor, pull himself up and 'cruise' along a furniture 'obstacle course,' and find me as I hide behind corners in the house.  The more active he is between naps, the longer he sleeps!
-Story time.  August absolutely adores books, and we have piles of them around the house for his perusal.  We do a few 10-minute story times, including a couple of songs, throughout the day.
-Drive-through outings.  Sometimes, I just have to leave the house, if only for a drive around.  August and I like hitting up the Starbucks and enjoying a treat at a park, or sharing some frozen yogurt in the back seat when I park.  He really doesn't mind his car seat, so we can be out for 30 minute increments.
-Mama workouts.  As much as I love going to classes at our YMCA, I can't leave August in their daycare while he's sick like this.  When his fever is down, though, I love taking him for runs in the stroller around our neighborhood.  He likes getting out and checking out the scenery, and I love that I don't feel like a bum sitting around the house all day.  We're usually out for about an hour this way.  Mia usually joins us, which keeps August extra entertained!
-Lots of snuggles.  Need I say more?

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  1. I'm so glad you can spend all your time with your wonderful little man -- especially when he's a bit under the weather. You're such a clever and devoted mommy to think of all those distractions for him --- and for you too!! Glad he's better.