Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black and gray

Shirt: Madewell
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: F21
Clutch: H&M
When John Paul and I went to Virtue Feed and Grain a few weeks ago, I put on my highest heels for the occasion.  I realize this isn't a very summer look, but I was going for a sort casually sultry thing.  Well, the streets in Old Town Alexandria are paved with bricks, and incredibly difficult to walk on with heels that are four inches tall.  One woman stopped to tell me the shoes were cute, but were they comfortable? "No, but this strong guy is here to steady me!" I responded with a little squeeze to John Paul.  Thank goodness he's around.

Another person asked if we needed help with a picture when he saw us using the self portrait mode on my phone.  While it was very sweet to ask, the photo came out with JP's eyes closed.  Eh, he still looks handsome!


  1. Too handsome by far -- even with his eyes closed!! And those shoes!! Amazing you could walk in them anywhere. Love you. G'ma

  2. I love you right back, Grandma!