Friday, July 8, 2011

Scenes from the first weekend of July...

Mia curled up against Josh (our travel companion) in the backseat as we drove to the Diego lake house
Smithfield's pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw for lunch...I could eat one every day!
Patricia feeding the hungry crowd gathered for Ana's birthday. 
Notice how patiently Mia is waiting for anything that might drop.
Easy accessories packed for nights and quick trips to ATL.
We woke up to a deer on the path to the dock.  Look at those ears!
Waffle House waffle.  I got to eat there twice.  So lucky. 
On an unrelated note, one of my fondest travel memories is watching my mom break down in 20 minutes of giggles on a trip to Waffle House during a family vacation when I was about 8.  She's fun to laugh with.
One of two poker nights.  Beautiful Fourth of July night, filled with breezes and lightning.

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