Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DC United!

I have never been a bit sports person; I run, generally by myself, but have yet to participate in a team sport.  Yes, I've been to a very small handful of sporting events in my 24 years, but didn't really enjoy the games themselves.  You can imagine my surprise when, in the spring, John Paul took me to my first professional soccer game and I loved it.  DC United is the local team, and, over the past few months, I've developed quite an affinity for soccer.  There's even an MLS app on my phone so I can keep updated on their standing in the Eastern Conference.  (Right now, it's not great.  Being a fan can mean heartbreak.)
I will say this about United: they're way better this year than last, and they have a lot of hustle on the field.  They're also pretty cute! (Hey, I'm a girl and am totally allowed to appreciate that.)
So last Wednesday JP and I went to see DC play the New England Revolution with some interns from his work.  While DC didn't play the best they could (I can excuse the heat only for so long before it's just a matter of them not playing, am I still upset about their loss?), it's great fun to see Talon, the team mascot, walking through the rows of fans.
It was Military Appreciation Night, so the silent drill team came out and performed during half-time.  Um, they were pretty amazing.  Throwing rifles behind them for someone else to catch, synchronized's all really impressive!
DC is the team in black.  Our seats were actually pretty good, but my zoom lens isn't great. 
We ended up losing 1-0.  Oh, cruel defeat!  Better luck next time, DC.  I know you can bring it!

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