Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peach Blueberry Pie

I don't generally have luck with pie crusts.  This is only one of many crusts that have fallen apart on me, causing me to doubt everything I know about baking.  Honestly, if you can't make a pie crust, how can you consider yourself an amateur baker?  Pie is so easy: crust and filling.  I felt awful every time my dessert fell flat.
Enter Joy the Baker.  I came across her recipe for Peach Blueberry Pie, and her tone throughout the whole post on pie crust was so encouraging and low-key, I decided to give pie crust another shot.
Thank goodness I did!  JP, being from Atlanta, love peaches and loves pie, and he loves me more after making this dessert.  The crust, slowly but surely, came together beautifully and, though not flawless, gorgeous and tasty nonetheless.  The filling is so wonderfully seasoned and fresh, I kept sneaking bites before reluctantly pouring it into the crust.
If you've felt frustrated by other pie crust recipes, try this one out.  Joy really knows what she's talking about!

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