Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top 8 Outfits of Being 24

Today is my Golden Birthday.  25 on 25.  Man, I guess I'm officially a grown-up now.  Is it all downhill from here?  If so, I'd better appreciate my cute outfits now!
I wore this breezy outfit to the Royal Wedding Garden Party at Hitched back in April.  Kind of a casual bridal look: all white, strappy heels, statement necklace.  I felt really, super lovely at the event, even if I didn't get to strut around in real wedding dresses like the Hitched associates did.
Yes, I know I wore this relatively recently, but I love it!  Great colors, great shoes, amazing necklace.  I'd wear this to work every day if I wasn't afraid of weirding people out.
I never posted this outfit, but I wore it all day before JP proposed on New Year's Eve.  We spent the afternoon wandering around St. Aug with Mia and our good friends (and recent homeowners!) Joe and Jenny.  It was a great vacation ensemble, and I love that I remember that lovely day when I look at this picture.  (BTW, shirt, sweater and shorts: GAP, shoes: Michael Antonio, necklace: gift from Haley, scarf: Ann Taylor.)
Remember when I wore this to a wedding brunch?  I saved this outfit for weeks before deciding that was a perfect excuse to wear it, and felt gorgeous.  No, I don't have self-esteem issues.  Is that obvious?
Perfect weekend outfit.  Intricate earrings, dark jeans, unbelievably soft cardigan. 
I wore this to a particularly tasty brunch at Dupont Hotel here in DC back in January, and felt so mod.  Love that pink to break up an all dark ensemble!
Perfect layers.  The belt gave me a waist, the cardigan adds a pop of color, and this scarf is actually from my mom's collection (did you realize that I very sneakily brought this home with me?). 
This photo is from my recent trip to Pensacola to see Haley, when we spent an hour or two at the beach.  There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I would not have wanted to post a picture of me in a bikini.  But can I share a secret with you?  I love my body.  It's capable of amazing things (like running 10 miles, doing 60 push-ups... spaced out, cuddling with the people I love), and has never let me down.  Why shouldn't we celebrate ourselves?
In my 25th year, I'm looking forward to getting even more comfortable in my wonderful skin, marrying the love of my very life, eating beautiful meals with my closest friends and family, and traveling to new places.  And yes, I'll probably bring this bikini with me.  (Sunglasses: H&M, Top: Target, Bottom: GAP)


  1. happy birthday, dear abbi! we should probably hang out soon, yes?

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to my firstborn! Celebrate You! (love, Mommi)

    P. S. You look ab fab in a bikini!

  3. Love all of them, my dear! Happy quarter century to you!