Monday, February 7, 2011

Outfits 4, 5 and 6

Outfit 4
Skirt and Cardigan: Gap
Tank top: Target
Boots: Ciao Bella
(Not in 30 for 30)
Socks: J. Crew
Camisole: Gap
Belt: H&M
Oh, Friday at work!  Time to break out the casual weekend tank top and find out a way to make it office appropriate.  The arm holes are really long on this top, so I put a cami underneath and spruced it up with a thick belt.  Honestly, the cami is so form-fitting, I had to lose the cardigan for a few hours.  It's so difficult to find a comfortable body temp when it's freezing outside and supertoasty inside.  I think it stills works, though.

Outfit 5
Jeans and Vest: Gap
Belt: Hot Topic (oh, the days...)
Flats: Marissa via Tootsie's
(Not included in 30 for 30)
Bandeau top: April Daze
JP and I got to make a run to Target on Saturday and I was soooo happy!  Who doesn't love Target?  It really has everything: moisturizers with dog toys with coconut water with hair bands.  The problem is, when I get really happy, my smile takes up most of my face, including my eyes.  I end up looking like this:
There are eyeballs in there, I promise!

Outfit 6
Sweater, top and jeans: Gap
Shoes: Nine West
(Not included in 30 for 30)
Belt: F21
Scarf: Vintage from my mom!
Coat: J. Crew
Sunday was my idea of a perfect day: woke up and took Mia on a jog with JP, brunch at a very down-home deli in Falls Church, long walk in Georgetown, poached eggs on cheesy biscuit for dinner.  Add to that a great hair day, and an outfit that came together without very little effort.  This girl could not have been happier!
So far this whole 30 for 30 challenge is a lot of fun.  I love breaking out accessories that have been buried for a while, like this scarf and the belt from outfit 5.  Good times for everyone!  


  1. Okay, you spend so much time in Georgetown on weekends that we MUST figure out a way to meet up one of these days! And I love the picture of your big smile...

  2. You look adorable! And I love the smile, too--it makes it easier to tell if you're truly happy: no eyes=superhappy :)

    Keep up the good work!

    (love, haley)