Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outfits 21 and 22!

Outfit 21
Cardigan and pants: Gap
Blouse: Target
Belt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Matisse
This might be one of my favorite outfits from this challenge.  John Paul even labeled it "very chic," which is always wonderful to hear.  You obviously can't tell from this picture, but this pants have a nice movement, which complements the ruffles on the blouse.  Even though there's a lot of black, the zig-zag shoes and yellow cardigan keep it from being too monochromatic.  There was a big meeting at work on Monday, and I wanted to look put-together for it.  Mission accomplished!

Outfit 22
Cardigan, tights, and camisole: Gap
Skirt: J.Crew
Earrings: Simple Gestures (Saint Augustine store)
Shoes: Nine West
Right after this photo was taken, I took this outfit off and went to a hardcore show with John Paul (wearing dark jeans and a work-out hoodie, not picture-worthy).  This is the opposite of what you would wear to a hardcore show: tights, cute pale skirt, wool cardigan.  You can't even wear earrings like this, because they'll whip you in the face when you're moving your head around.  It's kind of nice having the kind of life where you come home from your administrative assistant job at Catholic University, only to leave again for a Thursday/Underoath show.  I like it!

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