Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eggplant Caponata

Remember when I told you how much I love eggplant?  I could have sworn I did.  In case you don't share my love for this meat substitute, you must make this dish.  It will show you how easy it is to prepare eggplant, how versatile the vegetable can be, and would make a great hostess gift.  Just throw some into a cute jar with a ribbon around the top and present with flair!
Eggplant caponata is a great, all-purpose pantry staple.  It's got crunchy pine nuts, sweet raisins, and slightly bitter and salty eggplant.  Because it's a spread, you can smear it on some toasted bread, mix it into pasta, dip tortilla chips into it....the possibilities are, well, not endless, but you catch my drift.  John Paul and I prepared the caponata as a topping for some plain rice.  I got the recipe from Everyday Food, and didn't change a thing in my own preparation.  It was a great comfort food, and doesn't even take long to prepare!


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