Friday, February 18, 2011

Outfits 16 and 17!

Outfit 16
Skirt: F21
Blouse: Target
Boots: Ciao Bella
Belt: Anthropologie
Something about this outfit makes me want to go square dancing.  Maybe it's the ruffly top, the twirly skirt, or the knee-high boots...whatever it is, it's got me tappin' my toes to a country song.  The only one I really know all the words to, "Dry Town" by Miranda Lambert.  At least it's a good one!
Outfit 17
Jeans and blouse: Gap
Oxfords: Aldo
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet
Purse: Style & Co.
Scarf: Oscar de la Renta
At times I feel like I live in a J. Crew catalog: cuffed skinny jeans, red lipstick, silky button-down sloppily tucked in.  Then I wake up, remember that I'm sick with a cold, and throw on my version of Jenna Lyon's vision.  I had to stay home Thursday to nurse this cold, and put on real-people clothes for a brisk outing to the post office and CVS (tissue refill).  Don't worry; after the stroll, it was back to pajamas and How to Train Your Dragon.  What a fun movie!
On another note, here's a brief ode to my new purse: 
Oh beautiful brown bag
Of you, I love to brag
You have lots of zippers
And make me feel chipper
The scarf is a cute little flag!
Okay, I'm not a great poet, but this purse has everything I wanted: functional pockets inside, adjustable strap, cell pocket outside, and a great color that goes with anything.  So happy with it!


  1. The rabbit belt! I think it's perhaps my favorite thing you own.

    And the new bag looks adorable with your oxfords.

  2. You are way too cute! I just bought some oxfords and I am loving them.