Thursday, August 2, 2012

Haley's Life in Photos

One of the things that I love about my apartment is that they do some really good work on landscaping.  I remember when I moved here in January, it was a bit wintry (obviously) and there was not too much color, so I was so excited when Spring rolled around and all of these lovely blooming trees and greenery popped up!  Now, it's been really rainy here for the past few weeks, so I've been seeing mushrooms come out of nowhere all over the place; honestly, how do those things grow so fast?!

My lunch almost every day this week: Roasted Root Veggie Pizza (with chicken and vegan cheese) and a side of sauteed collard greens or kale.  And, lest you think I am eating too healthy, please note the giant pan of saltine toffee that I have also been eating every day this week.  It all evens out. 

Layla likes to stand guard while I take naps on the weekend.  She is under the impression that she is a little teeny pup, and constantly crawls into your lap to snuggle. In reality, she is just over 60 pounds, and apparently all elbows. 

Jenna gave me a trip to the climbing wall for my birthday this year, and we have just now been able to make our schedules work.  I started climbing when I studied in Ireland (and joined the Outdoor Pursuits Club, if you can imagine me doing such a thing), and was ecstatic to get back to it once I moved up here to Pensacola.  I am definitely not as good as I used to be, but it's my favorite activity and you can literally see how far you've come when climbing. 

We followed our climbing adventure with dinner at a Pensacola landmark, Jerry's Drive-In.  One BLT with fried pickles later, and I had officially negated all of the hard work done at the climbing wall. 

Matt and I have been going to quite a few Pensacola Wahoos baseball games; they have just built an incredible new stadium right on the river, so there is always a nice breeze (and home runs land in the water!) and it's still very clean.  We have gone a couple time with groups of friends, and we really enjoy being able to be out in the world, having a few drinks, and actually getting to talk to friends (rather than having to yell over music in bars--I don't know how all those young whippersnappers do it).  Honestly, I can't tell you much about the games we have been to--did we win?  I don't know--but it is a great atmosphere, general admission is only $5, and I don't have to wear heels.  It's a win-win-win!

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