Friday, August 17, 2012

My life in photos

At a friend's house for brunch over last weekend, I brought the fixin's for some mimosas with a twist: mango juice with rose champagne.  What a beautiful treat!
(Throw some raspberries in there for an extra splash of color.)
 JP noticed me ogling this skirt in Spain, and bought it for me (like the wonderful husband that he is).  The waistband can be unfolded into a minidress, but I like it as a high-waisted full skirt with a belt to cinch it.

 JP and I spent our Tuesday night at the 9:30 Club to see Marina and the Diamonds.  No professional photography allowed, so iPhone photos will have to suffice.  Her new album, Electra Heart, is catchy as all get-out, and it's getting me through the long runs as the half-marathon gets closer.

 I helped make my first tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette with fried potatoes and onions) over the weekend!  Here we are putting the thinly sliced potatoes into a boiling pot of oil...

While they softened, I nestled with Mia on the couch. 

...Finished product!  It was awesome.

Especially the next day for lunch, with a cold glass of gazpacho.  Who says you can't bring a little bit of Spain home to DC with you?

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  1. Aren't you excited to make that tortilla de patata for us when you come to visit?!? (love, haley)