Friday, August 24, 2012

My Life in (mostly food) Photos

Have y'all tried ice cream made from coconut milk?  It's the non-dairy alternative dessert, but is incredibly smooth and decadent without actual milk!  Super, super tasty, and festive when served with some colorful sprinkles.

As are pink-frosted donuts at work.  I make iced coffee and bring it to my office in old jars; my co-workers think I'm nuts, but it works. 

 The scene for nail art this week: giant Post-It as my makeshift 'smock,' bamboo skewers, 5 nail polishes, and an end result of confetti-inspired nail tips.  Things get crazy when JP goes out of town.

JP actually wanted to go shopping for himself (!!) over the weekend, so we set out in Georgetown on a Saturday.  When I started to get cranky, he pulled me into Pie Sisters for some slices (strawberry limeade for me, bourbon pecan for him), Arnold Palmers, and air conditioning.  He just gets me.

Yesterday was freshman orientation here at work, so I spruced up my look with a new-to-me skirt from Second Time Around, Madewell button-down (which my sister-in-law also has because we can be fashion twinsies), and Urban Outfitters heels.  I felt cute and quirky, my general style motto.

I just love going to DC United games.  On Wednesday, we played Chicago Fire and finished victorious: 4-2.  Midweek games tend to be emptier than usual, so we got our pick of seats.  We chose to sit behind a group of 6-year old boys, who would be pretty subdued until JP got upset about a ref call or a missed goal scoring opportunity; then they would immediately jump to their feet and yell along with him.  We'll just call him the Pied Piper of Young Soccer Fans. 

Lest you think I spent my whole week on pie, donuts, and ice cream (although, really, that doesn't sound like a bad way to indulge), here's a photo of some delicious veggie tacos with sauteed red peppers, guacamole, and a delicious black bean mixture.  Out of this world!

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  1. Looks like a confetti kind of week! Love the skirt, so, so cute. xo Mommi