Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fig, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Challah

Challah!  If you've visited me or my dad in South Florida, chances are high that you've eaten at TooJoay's, a deli chain in our area that serves French toast to die for.  It's wonderfully desserty, thick and sweet.  The trick?  They use challah, an egg bread, to add even more eggs to, then slap it on a pan for toastiness.

I always thought challah would be incredibly complicated to make; turns out, it's one of the easier quick breads.  Add in a dough hook (no kneading by hand!), and it practically makes itself! 
Smitten Kitchen posted this beautiful loaf of fig, olive oil, and sea salt challah a couple weeks ago, and my plans were set: bake this for JP.  His love for me increases exponentially when homemade bread is involved; Mia is the same way.

Rather than make my own fig filling, I bought some fig butter and called it a day.  Seriously, I'm making the bread; how much more can you expect of me, Deb?  I think it works just as easily from a jar. 

If you're a fan of challah, you'll love the addition of earthy sweetness from figs.  Slice it up, toast, add some butter and's a beautiful thing.  JP approves.

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