Friday, October 5, 2012

My Week in Photos

Goat cheese and chive biscuits!  I do love watching them bake; there's something very soothing about watching dough puff up and darken.

We climbed onto the roof of our building, and captured these clouds above.  Two landmarks you can only see if you squint: the tower on the left is Georgetown University, and the far right shows the National Cathedral spires.  Love this view.

New cardigan from Madewell with heart elbow patches.  Perfectly slouchy and cozy.

Our marriage announcement in our Flagler alumni magazine.  Got a few things wrong (JP's title and Chelsea and Harbor weren't actually in the wedding), but I do love seeing us in there.  We would not have met if not for Flagler College; we owe a lot to them.

Fancy phone photo of my new J.Crew pants, along with a consigned Ann Taylor top, Gap belt, and Urban Outfitters heels.  I really love this whole ensemble, even though it's a bit more spring than fall.

Orange-poppy seed pancakes for Sunday brunch. Served on paper placemats meant for doodling (thanks, Grandma in North Carolina!). Yum.
 JP used his placemat to draw Trogdor.  This invoked a very full discussion of high school nostalgia, as well as lots of texts to and from Haley as they compared dragon drawing skills.

Hooray for fall!  This tea smells like pumpkin pie in a cup.

Today, I'm firmly planted in the Florida panhandle for a long weekend.  On the agenda: a wedding for some lovely friends, pool/beach time with Haley, watching my first FSU game with Haley and Matt, getting inspired for their 2014 wedding (!!!  Still feels weird to say my younger sister is getting married, but am so excited to see it come together!!), and meeting my first (doggy) niece, Layla the Lovely!  Can't wait to share details of the visit next week.


  1. I was so hoping to see those cute placemats somewhere along the way!!! I thought it might be fun to have a little set of the eight crayons to go with each one as a placecard but didn't manage to find them in time. But still fun for doodling. Thanks for letting me know you used them. Have a great time in the Panhandle! XXXXX

  2. Love these posts and how your week has gone. Lovin' the pants - wish I had gotten a pair. I saw a guy with a Homestar Runner shirt on the other day and thought back to when Haley was into that. Big groups hugs!