Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square is the Newbery Award-winning book from the 1960s, and it is beautifully quaint.  Chester Cricket winds up in New York City's Times Square after a picnic accident (he fell asleep in the basket) in Connecticut, and is taken in by Mario Bellini.  Mario's family owns a small newsstand in Times Square, where Chester takes up residence in a small matchbook.  He befriends Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat, starts playing opera on his hind legs (he is a cricket, after all), and gets to know a Chinese man who gives him a lovely home to live in.  
My mom read this to me and Haley when we were wee children (sorry to end that awesome alliteration), and I enjoyed it then as much as I did this time around.  It's a simple story, although some of it isn't totally politically correct.  (A lot of stuff from the '60s isn't, but we move on.)  You can knock this out in an afternoon; get to it!

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