Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Circle-y Blue Paintings

I have had so many people asking me, "Haley, how do you make circle-y blue paintings?  I keep googling how to make them, and I just can't find out how to do it."  

Not really.  But here is how you do it anyway:

Buy two gallery-wrapped canvasses.  24x24 inches.  Also buy some puffy paint and acrylic paint.  I bought red puffy paint and two shades of blue acrylic paint.  You really only need the little bottles of acrylic.  

I traced circles on the canvas using different-sized round things (pot lids and the like).  Then I traced sloppy circles and designs around those outlines using the puffy paint.  I really wanted to have a raised pattern, so I laid it on pretty thick.  

I just let that dry, and then painted over that with the acrylic paint and sponge brushes, so there were visible brush strokes.  

And that's it!  I originally thought that the maybe the acrylic paint would cover the color of the puffy paint, which was the original goal, but the red puffy paint showed through, which I actually like the look of!  

Please don't judge that the bed is not made.  I have more important things to do.  Here's the thing, though, our comforter is red and blue, and the paintings match perfectly.  Matt loves them, I love them, they only cost about 20 bucks (the canvas was on saaaale!).  

And now you know how to make circle-y blue paintings.  You're welcome!!


  1. At last!!! The age-old question is answered! So very,very clever. Who knew we had an artist in our midst???

  2. I can totally hear you singing that last part. Love the paintings! Great texture.

  3. You are SOOO clever!