Friday, April 5, 2013

Haley's Week in Photos

Well, Abbi posted all of the exciting pictures from last week.  But I will say that we have a fabulous time--even just killing time at Starbucks was fun with Mommi and Abbi!  We had so much fun trying on wedding dresses, and going through Abbi's baby stuff, and eating.  Lots and lots of eating.  Abbi and JP really know how to show a girl a good time and help her gain a couple extra pounds.

How cute is this picture??  John Paul had just felt the Churro kicking like a ninja, and it had hurt his hand.  This was at a ceviche restaurant on Canton Street (I think), and the food was delicious!  JP and I both had Mexican Mules (a tequila, citrus, ginger drink), which just may be my new summer drink!

Mia is so alert!  This was on our way to walk around Roswell Park. 

My birthday dinner was something else!  Here are all three people who contributed to the steak and collard greens and sweet potatoes and wine and peanut butter cake!  They are so sweet to me.
How adorable is this happy birthday cake plate that I got to use?!  This cake was delicious, and we may or may not have had it for breakfasts, snacks, and additional desserts.  Only Mia knows the truth, and she ain't telling.

So, Abbi mentioned that we went to Sweetwater, but she did not tell you about the line to get in.  No joke.  But it was totally worth the wait, as this was the one thing that I truly wanted to check off my list while I was in Atlanta (besides finding my wedding dress, of course!).  

I leave you with a glimpse of my Easter outfit from Sunday.  Mommi gave me the beautiful scarf for my birthday, and the gold (and spiky!) earrings are from Abbi!  They know me so well...


  1. How did you go from that teeny, tiny (yellowish!) baby 25 years ago in Indiantown to the oh so glamorous girl in your Easter outfit??? Amazing!!!

  2. I know, Grandma, it's amazing to me too! It's crazy that I'm officially mid-twenties.