Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Watch TV Like Haley

This is by far and away my favorite show.  It's about Shawn, a hyper-observant slacker man-child, and his best friend, Gus, a straight-laced pharmaceutical salesman.  Shawn accidentally gives the Santa Barbara Police Department the idea that he is psychic, and they start employing him as a psychic detective on cases.  Shawn and Gus have been friends since grade school, and the show is laced with early 80s references, silly nicknames, and crazy cases.  Matt and I love love love this show!

New Girl:

You have all probably heard about this show, and maybe you watched it in the first season.  I'm here to tell you, it was a little weird in the first season.  The main character is awkward and annoying, and you just have to stick it out.  It gets so so much more funny and really gets its sea legs in the second season.  Jess is a teacher, whose heart gets broken and she moves into an apartment with three boys who don't know what to do with a female roommate.  Jess is unabashedly girly, loves polka dots and baking, and doing arts and crafts, and the boys are the typical boys that you'd expect.  Somehow, though, they take each other under their wings and become buds.  It's silly, and awesome.  Matt even likes it, which is saying something.

I was too scared to watch this show, because it's honestly a bit creepy until you get to know it.  Nick, a homicide detective in Portland, discovers that he is a Grimm, a type of guardian who protects humans from Wesen, creatures from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.  In this show, they are all around us, but only Grimms have the unique ability to distinguish them and stop the dangerous ones from harming us poor innocent humans.  His partner eventually is let in on the secret, and he makes friends with a non-dangerous Wesen, who helps him investigate and make sense of this new world he has discovered.  It's a little dark, but surprisingly engaging, and there are all kinds of story lines involving not only fairy tales, but international societies, love, and friendship.  

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  1. No wonder you like New Girl -- she sounds like you!! "Loves polka dots, baking and doing arts and crafts" -- Haley all over again!!! Not sure about the polka dots but you do love them, don't you?? Look at that trim on the baby shower invitation!