Friday, April 12, 2013

House Tour 2013

After several weeks of boxes and figuring out where everything should go, our home is (mostly) put together.  There are a few pieces of art that need a home, but what we have is out in a room.  Granted, a lot of those rooms are empty (I didn't even photograph one of the bedrooms upstairs because it's just like, a bed and one framed print), but it feels like we actually live here now.  This is a super picture-heavy post, so get ready!

Here's our home a couple weeks ago, when the flowers were in bloom (they're mostly pink now).  It's so lovely to drive onto our cul de sac and see it right in the middle!  It's my happy place. 

Once you walk into the front door, there's an office to the left.  Right now, the bookshelves are completely overwhelmed, but we're on the lookout for some new shelves to go in the sitting room.  I do like the way this room has come together: academic but not stuffy. 

Our sitting room!  AKA yoga studio 1.  The windows let in a ton of light, and I'm digging the warm grey on the walls.  This room will one day have furniture in it, but it's really low on the priority list right now. 

Right next to sitting room is the dining room, aka yoga studio 2.  We'll get a table and chair one day, along with a buffet to go under JP's 'Ecstasy,' but, again, no rush on this space.  I'm kind of looking forward to it being a tummy time area for the churro!  
These windows look into the backyard; more pictures on that next week after JP and I get our hands in it this weekend. 

From the dining room, this is the view: kitchen straight ahead, family room to the left, and staircase to the right. 

The family room is our homey space, with the big ol' couch and the teeny ol' coffee table (it's just a substitute until we find our forever table).  Mia loves sleeping in the sunlight that comes in; it's the cutest thing. 

The view of the family room from the breakfast nook; how do you like our owl perched on top of the built-ins?  Again, the bookshelves are color-coordinated and packed to the gills.  We're very literate.

All of our eating is currently done in the breakfast nook, which we adore.

We re-hung the gallery wall this time, with the photos hung along an invisible line in the middle of the wall.

Our makeshift garden, which makes me smile at our meals.  It's cute and low-maintenance; what could be better?

 The kitchen houses an embarrassment of riches: large pantry behind the white door, tons of counter space, gas stovetop, even a little desk (where I'm currently writing this post) to the left!  I'm in here a lot, barefoot and pregnant.

Our wonderful laundry room, with lots of storage and a cute little bird sign from Grandma in North Carolina!  Very practical and I totally don't mind being in here a lot throughout the week. 

Upstairs is our bedroom, which is the most awesome oasis.  It's awful to get out of this bed in the morning.  We're going for a clean, minimal look in here, to keep our minds calm. 

The master bathroom is another relaxing space.  It actually gets tons of light, but this photo totally doesn't do it justice. 

I could write odes to my closet.  That's right, this is all mine!  (JP's is to the right of his dresser in the photo of the master bedroom.)  
It should be noted that I can't fit into about 1/3 of this stuff at 24 weeks.  Pregnancy is kind of rough on a wardrobe. 

Our guest room is pretty simple: bed, dresser, nightstand in shades of beige and brown.  It needs some color, but is definitely open for business (wink, wink). 

I'll post more photos as the house comes together more.  Seriously, you're going to love the nursery when it's done.  Here's a little peek of what's going on in there so far...

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  1. House Tour -- Yay!!! And my comments today are many, many: 1-Don't you LOVE coming home to those trees? 2-Wonderful Morris Chair; 4-Ecstasy for sure! 6-Could hardly see Mia on that comfy sofa! 9-Perfect wall, love the one of Mia; 10-Succulents - my favorite plant! 11-No kitchen should be without a pantry; 12-Happy to see a perfect place for that bird contraption; 14-Spa!!; 15,16,17 Embarrassment of riches but nice space for that unforgetable wedding dress; 18-Heywood Wakefield (tribute to Daddy-Man); 19-Can't wait!!!! Glad all this fit in the space for my breathless comments. Love you - XXXXX GG'ma