Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Outfits 28 and 29 (almost to the end...)

Outfit 28
Pants and vest: Gap
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: F21
Something about this outfit made me feel a bit like an elementary school art teacher.  Maybe it's the swingy pants paired with a flowy top, or the statement belt, or the hair tied in a messy all sort of came together like that.  It was actually in the 70s (briefly) on Monday, so I got to bear my arms!  It felt pretty great.  Until it started raining.  Oh well; I got to finish the day with a Johnny Rockets' hamburger and a showing of Anne of Green Gables.  That movie kills me; the puffy sleeves, Matthew and Marilla, the rivalry with Gilbert.  Thanks for renting it, Summer!

Outfit 29
Skirt and top: F21
Boots: Anthropologie
John Paul said I look like a cowgirl in this outfit, when really I was going for a modern Swiss Miss.  Oh well, I can't get it right every time.
Why do I always seem to wear twirly skirts when it's windy out?  Fellow commuters almost got a couple of eyefuls on the walk to and from the Metro.  Man, a girl just can't catch a break!


  1. I finished reading the first book of Anne of Green Gables this morning. It was a great read and I e-mailed Summer to say..."Matthew died, Anne made up with Gilbert and I cried!"
    Amber, Justin & I grilled kebabs last night with chix/pineapple, beef, shrimp and assorted veggies - yummy. I'm looking to doing some more grilling now that it is staying lighter longer.
    aunt nesi

    PS> I approve of both of the outfits above.

  2. I swear the wind knows what kind of skirt I am wearing. or how delicate my hairstyle is. I love that polkadot skirt!