Monday, March 28, 2011

Why, hello there.

Man, life can kind of come out of nowhere and take up all your time, can't it?  In the past couple of weeks, I've gone to my first professional sporting event as an adult (go DC United!), seen a concert (Cold War Kids and Baths), attended a couple of happy hours, made a lot of food, and bought a new phone.
The best thing I've done, though, is visit Saint Augustine last week to pick a reception venue!  John Paul and I flew down on a Sunday, met Patricia (his mom) at the airport, Haley drove us around, and Dad and Karen drove up to check out the spaces.  It was an absolutely great trip.  Want proof?
We got to eat at our favorite bagel place, Shmagel's.  Their veggie cream cheese is to die for, with tons of garlic included.  Both mornings we breakfasted there; could not have been happier!

I spent Monday morning by the pool at the hotel.  My legs haven't seen the sun since was time.  And yes, one or two Brides magazines were in use.
My leggy maid of honor!  It was wonderful to get some sister time.
I have a great family who is willing to drive a long way to let me get some face time with them.  The sunny weather matched my mood!
And my awesome future family!  We had a lovely time together.
There is no other place I'd like to be than in Saint Augustine with John Paul.  Words don't always do justice for how amazing my man is; I love being with him.
So yes, we found a venue!  It's a rooftop loft overlooking the bay; such a cool space and perfect for JP and I. 
Thus the blogging begins again.  It's been too long!


  1. Yes, it's been too long!!! But I knew you'd put up some pix from your trip to St. Aug. Looked great -- even if LD looks a little frightened! It's going to take a year for him to get used to you becoming a married woman!

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad we found something.