Friday, December 14, 2012

Abbi's Week in Photos

 JP took me on a surprise date night last Friday!  As you can see, we ate very green, healthy stuff.

 Mia and her duck- an inseparable bond.

 A beautiful hot, spiced apple cider over Saturday brunch.  Simple and delicious.

Monday was a long day, so we had some dessert at Serendipity in Georgetown.  It's a pretty lengthy menu.

 We went with the frrrrozen hot chocolate with Oreos.  Neither of us really anticipated the size, but have no fear, we were able to choke it down.

 This is my aging Palm Beach socialite outfit: J.Crew sweater and pants, Urban Outfitters heels, Gap button-down.

Lest you think I ate only pizza and ice cream, here is photographic proof that I ate greens.  Moderation is key.


  1. Can't believe the size of that menu -- or the size of that frozen hot chocolate!!! Can we say BIG!!!! And you're a very chic (not aging) Palm Beach socialite look-alike! Pretty cute if you ask me!!!

  2. Lovely week - all around! Love the color combo of the "aging socialite" outfit and JP looks fetching in his suit. And Mia.....she's a cutie pie! (xo mommi)

  3. GINC- that dessert was the size of our heads!
    Mom- the color combo felt very Miami Dolphins to me, and JP is fetching in pretty much anything. xo

  4. Love the outfit! How do you not explode from all your darlingness?