Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pyramid Christmas Trees: Or, "How to Have a Christmas Tree Without Having a Christmas Tree"

I promise that I do crafts that DON'T involve Christmas or felt. You guys just caught me on a series of weeks where felt was on sale and CHRISTMAS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Can you believe that we are almost there already?
These felt trees were a cinch to make; it took me less than an episode of Glee to complete all three of these little guys, and I love the mod shapes! All I needed for this craft was two (12"x18") sheets of stiff felt, yarn, small scissors (or something else that's sharp and pointy), and an embroidery needle.
Start out by cutting out three triangles of the same size. They need to be pretty precise, to keep from being lopsided, unless you're going for the Dr. Seuss look.
Stack two of the triangles on top of each other, and use the scissors (or your own choice of sharp and pointy objects) to poke little holes at regular intervals through both pieces of felt.  This will make it much easier for you to get the embroidery needle and thread through. 
Sew up the tree!  It's a little difficult to describe, but just remember that you're making the three triangles into a 3-sided pyramid.  You'll need to sew up all of the sides that meet. 
Ta-daa!  You've made a little tree!  I made little pom poms (again, I know) to go on top of each tree, and grouped them together with a vase full of branches (which I glitter-painted), threw some ornaments up, and called it a day!

I'm a pretty big fan of this set-up: no pine needles all over the place, no sap, and I can use every single bit of this again next year!  Also, I made some bags in which to wrap my gifts, and how much fun is that fabric?! 
I promise that the next how-to will be felt-free and fabulous! 


  1. Cute! I wonder if you could make a life size Christmas tree if you had a big enough piece of felt......

  2. Way to think big!! I suppose you could stitch a bunch of triangles together to look like branches...this may be a project for next year :)