Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pumpkin Hot Toddy

It has been downright chilly here in Pensacola!  The other day, it was in the 40s!  During the day!  This South Florida girl was not made for this kind of weather...luckily, I have created the most delicious hot toddy to get me through this difficult time.  For those not "in the know", a hot toddy is "a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot".  Supposedly, they are good to drink when you have a cold, because they help you sleep and relieve stuffiness, but they are also good for when you are out of wine and your toes are freezing.

To make this lovely lovely warm and sleepy-making drink, you just need pumpkin tea, honey, and Bacardi OakHeart spiced rum.  The tea that I use was a gift from Abbi, and I try to use it sparingly, because I can't get it here!  This tea is particularly good for a hot toddy because it's pretty strong and spicy; you don't want to try making one of these with a light or weak tea. 

So!  Brew your tea!  Like I said, make it fairly strong, because you still want to be able to taste it through the honey and rum.  Once you get it as strong as you'd like, remove the bag, and add about a tablespoon of honey.

Next, the rum.  I honestly am not sure exactly how much I add, because I use the "Aunt Nesi" method of pouring, in which I count to 4 while I pour.  I would say it's probably a little less than a shot.  In any other hot toddy, you could add lemon juice at this point, but that's not so tasty with this recipe.  Your call.

Mix it all up, and enjoy under a blanket with a new magazine and a sleepy pup!  (This step is optional.)

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  1. I see that tea comes from Trader Joe's! They just opened a store in Wilmington but I haven't been there yet. But I'll keep an eye out for pumpkin spice herbal tea so it'll be ready for those chilly winter days here in the Port City! Remember when you were up here and the fountain froze? Or that time we took the carriage ride downtown? Didn't Paul bring us some kind of "toddy-like" drink??? But I don't think it was tea! XXXX