Friday, December 21, 2012

Abbi's Week in Photos

We went to Zoo Lights over the weekend; if you're in DC, you should hit it up!  We had fun, and it was packed on a Saturday night.  Most of the zoo buildings are open, so you can see things like...

...a porcupine eating a banana.  It's pretty cute.

 Crepes crepes crepes.  I'm a pro now.

Mia got some yogurt leftovers- happy camper!

This was the first year JP gave the okay to mail personalized Christmas cards!  Some of you should keep your eye on the mail...

TLP is closing up shop until the first full week of January.  All this crafting and cooking is exhausting us!  Sending you the very best wishes for a wonderful, restful, fun Christmas and New Year's Eve!  xo


  1. I'll miss you but have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too! Looking forward to yours and Haley's TLP sharing in 2013. XXXXX

  2. Lovely week and can't wait to get your card. Made the sweet potato lentil soup last night for a dinner party - it was delish! It is always hard to please those vegan friends of ours. I enjoy every single TLP post!