Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Plans/ Oh, baby!

On the day of our 7-years dating anniversary, let me tell you the story about the past 10 months of my married life with John Paul:
From our first year in DC, 3 years into this journey

It's been wonderful.  I cannot be happier for John Paul to be my husband, to share his last name, to finally legitimize Miss Mia.  He is endlessly sweet and, even when we're both having bad days and dinner was a wreck and neither of us wants to man up to take the cute pup out on a walk in the cold, he makes me smile.  We've gotten better and better together over these last 7 years; I honestly thought life couldn't get much better.
On our honeymoon last March, we looked at each other over margaritas and decided we wouldn't make any major decisions for the rest of the year.  The wedding was a pretty big endeavor, and we wanted to take some time to relax and get used to being a married couple.  In 2013, we would tackle the big stuff and come up with a plan for being grown-ups.
Well, in October, JP was completely jaded by his job prospects in DC, and decided to switch things up.  A job offer in project development came up in Atlanta for early March, so he's done a 180 with his career goals.  And we're moving to Georgia next month.  Two decisions made.
That's our new home!

We thought we would probably rent an apartment for a year in the city, to acclimate ourselves with the neighborhoods before settling down in a larger space.  Now, we've officially bought a home.  Like, a grown-up home.  (It's really cute, and I can't wait to see it come together!)  The reason why follows, but, regardless, third decision done. 
The biggest, most exciting, and somewhat unexpected decision we made came to fruition way sooner than we thought it would:

In late July, we're officially going to be parents!  We're calling it 'The Churro.'  I'm sure you'll hear a lot of that name in the coming months!
It was loosely planned, and we are just totally psyched.  I'm currently in my 12th week, and feeling pretty good.  Still running (just not crazy distance- 4 miles top) and doing light weights, just tired a lot (I hear that's normal...).  John Paul has been an absolute saint, and makes me breakfast each morning (egg sandwich and sometimes a smoothie), hasn't said anything about my hot fudge sundae indulgences (we're dangerously close to a Ben&Jerry's; thank goodness we're moving soon), and says I look better than ever.  What more could a woman ask for?
So much for no big decisions in 2012.  We'll have to use 2013 to get our acts together on that one.


  1. Words (almost) fail me!!! Talk about the good life. You're definitely living it. Love your new home. Had to look up definition of churro -- "a sweet thing" -- couldn't be more apt. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Diego and baby-on-the-way! XXXXX from GG

    1. Glad you like the nickname! I'm sure it will be a sweet thing, just like its gigi (great-grandma)...xo

  2. congratulations, you two! so much big news!

  3. Abbi that is so exciting and gave me tears reading it. I am so happy for you. Motherhood is such an amazing blessing from God. I would never trade one day of it. You are going to be a wonderful Mama, you had an awesome role model. Many blessings for you and your hubby in the year to come! Enjoy every sweet moment of growing that little miracle. Can't wait for "churro" to start kicking, that's the best!!!

    1. What a wonderful message! Thanks, Bridget, I'll be sure to update this space when the kicking happens; can't wait to feel it!

  4. I echo Bridget's sentiment that I shed a tear when I read this. It does a mother's heart good when her daughter is so happy - with a wonderful husband, lovely new home and A BABY on the way!!