Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Sweat It Out

Believe it or not, I am back!  Sorry I was gone for so long, lovelies, but I had A LOT going on these past couple of weeks: a surprise job transfer for Matt (back home--yippee!), Christmas, packing, moving, unpacking.  Oy.  We are making a lot of progress on our new place, and I will definitely share photos in my end-of-the-week photo extravaganza!

In the meantime, though, I'll share this handy little tutorial on how to make a detox bath.  It seems that every time I stay in a hotel, I get a cold about three days later, and this Christmas was no exception; problem was, I was wrapping up my last days at work and trying to pack up our apartment!  I didn't have time for a cold!  As soon as I started feeling it coming on, I put myself on a strict diet of hot toddies and detox baths, and I honestly think it helped shorten my cold.  Either way, who doesn't like a nice, soothing bath every once in a while?

To make a detox bath, you need basically two ingredients, with a bonus if you're feeling brave.  You will need:
Two parts epsom salts

One part baking soda

About one tablespoon of ground ginger

Now, for a normal size tub, you should start with 2 cups of epsom salts, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of ground ginger.  The ginger is the bonus ingredient, because apparently it has properties that really help to heat up your bodyIf you have a bigger tub, or feel like you really need to sweat something out, you could amp up the measurements.  Fill your tub with the hottest water that you can stand (again, the purpose is to sweat), and add all of your ingredients.  Swirl it around so that it all dissolves, and then get in it!

The goal is to stay in the bath for about 40 minutes, to allow your body to get rid of toxins, and soak up the good minerals in the salt and baking soda.  Read a book, watch a show, light some candles and zen out.  Be sure you hydrate before, during, and after your soak, because your body will definitely feel drained and need that replenishment.

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  1. Hooray!!! You're back!!! And just in time. Paul has a terrible cold so I described your wonderful detox procedure and was sure he'd hop right into the tub filled with all the ingredients. WRONG!!! Men!!! At least my man -- too stubborn to try something that could help. Can't wait to see photos of your new digs. XXXXX