Friday, January 11, 2013

Abbi's Holidays and Life in Photos

Welcome to the first life in photos post of 2013!  Things have been exciting around the Diego household, with a lot of travel and plans being made for the new year.  I'll fill you in on more of the details next Friday, but certainly want to catch you up on our wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as the first week of the year.  

On Christmas day, we had a massive paella, made by JP's uncle.  (That's white asparagus on top; yum!)  Then we all stood in front of it to take pictures, like at prom.  It's a Spanish tradition.

JP got a new remote-controlled airplane, which he and his dad built together.  Look at that wingspan!

We also went bowling!  Strikes for everyone!

 After staying in Atlanta for a week, JP, Mia and I drove to the frozen north of Illinois to spend some time with my mom and Brent.  Still fascinated by snow...

 ...but less fascinated after driving through a snowstorm to get there.  We had to stop twice to scrape ice off our headlights!  JP was a very conscientious, safe driver and we arrived in one piece; I, on the other hand, white-knuckled the dashboard and checked the weather incessantly.

 Mia got her own nook up on the second floor!  She loved watching other dogs and squirrels from this vantage point; what a lucky pup.

This is, sadly, the only picture I have of my mom from the trip!  We had to move their old love seat upstairs in preparation for a new couch, and this massive beanbag acted as the main seat in the meantime.  Let's be honest: it was really comfy!

 I got this adorable cardigan for a Christmas gift, and wore it the first day back at work.  Love those cute sheep!  Thanks, Mom!

 I absolutely love this new cookbook, and have already made three recipes out of it (making another for brunch on Sunday!).  Enjoying it with some caramel tea; two great gifts from people I love.  Thanks, Dad, Karen and JP!

 Last weekend, I decided to prove to JP that I can wear an outfit not consisting of jeans and a chunky sweater.  Zara dress, Anthro cardigan and boots, H&M belt, gifted infinity scarf, Madewell socks, Gap tights.  I was quite warm and toasty, and pretty put-together to boot!

We went to this last Sunday.  So fun!  Summer and Luke were our patient dates, and didn't seem to mind while I danced around to "Three is a Magic Number" and "Conjunction Junction."  They're good people.
Coming up next week: edamame dumplings, a great new fiction review, and an update on the Diego plans for 2013!

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  1. I do look silly sitting on that "fat boy" - a lovely red sofa has taken it's place, comfy and allows Brent and I to sit together : ) We enjoyed having your little family visit us - it made the holidays complete. So wish I could have been at Schoolhouse Rock - how fun!!