Friday, January 25, 2013

Abbi's Last (Two!) Weeks

Takorean!!  Caramelized tofu tacos topped with kimchi, sriracha, cojita cheese, and a bit of lettuce.  Best when served with Cheerwine.  If you live in DC, you have to go to Union Market to grab some of this!

Yo, my shirt has a skateboarding T.Rex holding a drink.  He's rolling.  We should all be rolling.

During the unseasonably warm weekend we experienced in January, we hit up the driving range and practiced our putting, too.  JP got a hole-in-one on the first try!  We should have just called it a day after that...what could be better?

I've already taken to borrowing JP's chunky sweaters and belting them around the waist to define what girlish figure I have left.  Comfy and cozy! (Zara sweater, Old Navy cargos, Clarks boots)

We took Mia on a walk around Roosevelt Island last Sunday, and she found a ton of mud (her paws should be white).  How could we stay mad at her; look at that happy face!

Seeing as how it is our last January in DC, we braved the cold and crowds for the inauguration on Monday.  Very, very cool to be there!  And we got free flags.  Win win.

 Summer and Luke were our terrific double dates.  So glad we could experience it together!

 A sneak peek of next week's recipe...(ratatouille sub with sausage!)

 The other morning it was 16 degrees outside (without wind chill!), and Mia did not want to go for a walk.  Too cozy and warm in bed.

Finally!  Some snow in the district!  Taken at 3:30am Friday (this whole pregnancy bladder thing is no joke).  We got an inch, so nothing to brag about, but better than nothing!


  1. Great pictures!! So glad to hear you were one of the zillions of people waving flags at the inauguration. Whatta day!!! And that first picture of the taco with all those foreign sounding ingredients!!! But then..... the bottle of Cheerwine!!! Yay - North Carolina represented!!! XXXXX -- GG'ma

  2. I didn't know Cheerwine was from NC! No wonder I like it so much. :) The inauguration was so cool, and we waved at Anderson Cooper in the CNN tent! Oh, Dc...

  3. What a fun, chilly, exciting week! BTW have the ladies at work figured out your "condition" yet?

    1. Yes! I 'fessed up on Friday, and they were so excited and cute! Everyone thinks it's going to be a boy; we'll see...

  4. Oh my gosh...thank you for reminding me about pregnancy bladder. It's such a luxury to forget to go to the bathroom. Who knew?

    1. YES!! You are now living the high life, Mrs. Liza. Going more than 90 minutes without a bathroom break sounds luxurious. Oh, how our standards have changed...