Friday, January 25, 2013

Haley's Week in Photos

Last Thursday was Matt's birthday!  Now he is 27, and so so old.  Believe it or not, this is the only picture that I took of his birthday celebration, where he is wearing his new slippers.  I am seriously slacking on documenting our lives...

And then it was Megan's birthday on Friday!  We went to a really fun Irish pub (where they had some of the best bangers and mash that I've had since I left the Emerald Isle), and celebrated with a lot of friends.  Doesn't she look cute?

Matt and Layla had a moment before bed the other night.  He is so crazy in love with this dog, it's ridiculous.

Layla and I walk over this bridge once a day, usually, and sometimes she smells something that she must investigate.  She is definitely curious, and still getting used to all of the new things in our neighborhood.  

We have a little half-bathroom downstairs, and the people here before us had done this faux-panting thing on the walls.  It may not have been so bad if they had done a good job, but it just looked wretched, so I re-painted it!  Matt was gone for two nights this week, and I got it done! 

I used a very cool grey-blue paint, which matches our fish picture in there perfectly.  I did have to ask Uncle Rob to come over and help re-grout some parts of the vanity, and then I actually did some myself after he had left!  I am becoming quite handy.  

I finally got to visit one of my best friends, Carolyn, who lives down here.  The weather was just beautiful, and we sat outside by her pool for a bit--I am trying to get just a slight bit of color, so I look like I actually do LIVE in South Florida.  It's a process.

I went to Aunt Nesi's for dinner and Downton Abbey.  She served mashed potatoes and Chicken Garibaldi, which was delicioso!  Downton Abbey, as usual, was perfect--I can't wait to watch the next episode!  

I leave you with a view of the sunset from the same bridge I mentioned before.  I am so lucky to live somewhere where all of this beauty is reflected in the water everywhere I go!  


  1. You, Meg, and Laura look adorable in that picture! Love that pic of Matt and Layla; they are quite a pair.

  2. I too love the picture of Matt and Layla -- a man and his dog!!! What could be sweeter??? Well, maybe that great job you did painting (and grouting!!!) the bathroom. That's pretty sweet too! XXX

  3. The bathroom looks great - a big improvement over the faux-painting. And they had even done the ceiling!! And that Layla - well she is a cutie. So glad she and Bella had a good stroll on Friday.