Friday, January 18, 2013

Haley's Life in Photos

First of all, I am over the moon about Abbi and John Paul's exciting news!  I just know that The Churro is going to have the best parents a little baby could ask for, and I am so excited to be Auntie Haley to a human baby (rather than all of my cousin's dogs)!
I know that my post will not be NEARLY as exciting as Abbi's earlier today, but I will give it the good ol' college try!  I haven't uploaded pictures for quite a while, so get ready to go back in time to Christmas!

One of the major perks of being in Florida for Christmas is that you get to go out on the boat on Christmas day.  We went on a little river cruise with Matt's family on his brother's boat, and it was absolutely beautiful!

Layla loved spending time with her Grandpa Dave, and was COMPLETELY exhausted after checking out every single bush and plant in his yard.  He sure knows how to show a dog a good time!

This was the last cute winter outfit that I wore while we were living in Pensacola; the only bad thing about us moving back to South Florida is that I can't wear that adorable coat nearly as often.

We spent New Year's Eve with some friends at our favorite bar/restaurant in Pensacola, Maguires.  They brew their own beer, age their own (delicious) steaks, and their specialty drink is an Irish Wake (3 types of rum with fresh-squeezed orange juice and green food coloring).  We will definitely miss it!

Here is a small portion of our moving crew in our new place--it has been so nice to have friends and family around to help us get settled and to help Matt with the heavy lifting projects :)  We are so lucky to have so many people who care about us.

We got grown-up bedroom furniture!  We still have the same old mattress that we always did, but I swear I'm sleeping twice as good as I ever did.  I must be getting worn out from going up and down the stairs so much...

We had Megs over for dinner one night...

...and some of Matt's friends from high school over another night!  Matt's parents got him a grill for an early birthday present, so we went a little crazy and just grilled tons of food.

Sometimes Layla gets tired of following Matt and me up and down the stairs, so she just parks about halfway up the staircase, with her butt on one stair, and the paws on the next one down.  Gah, she is so cute!

I've taken to having breakfast out on our back porch.  Can you blame me?

Oh my goodness.  There is a cupcake shop here in Jupiter, called dd's cupcake shoppe, and they have  a Holy Cannoli! cupcake.  All of their other flavors sound delicious, and it is probably dangerous that its so close to our place, because it is now my goal to try each one.  I reach for the stars.

And, lest you think we have it too together down here in Sunny South Florida, here is a little snapshot of our guest room.  I try to make a little progress every day, and then just shut the door and don't think about it.  It doesn't seem to phase Layla, though; in fact, I think she enjoys finding the most inconvenient spot to lay in while I'm trying to move boxes around.  Dogs. 


  1. You are living the good life! Layla looks so happy in all of these photos, and love that Matt is already getting some practice being an uncle! Well done on getting a cute photo of Dad; we know that can be a challenge :) Fun stuff!

  2. I did notice that Matt was holding Annabelle - good job! And that Layla - she is a cutie. Hope she is adjusting to the stairs - good exercise for her. I know the whole family is thrilled your little family is down in So. Florida. And BTW - I want to have breakfast outside when I visit, how delightful.

  3. So much exciting news this week!!! Know you're going to love being back in the bosom of the family. Your place looks really nice (well, except for that guest room!!!) and can't wait to see it (after the guest room has been put together!!!). Don't know when we'll get down your way but happy times ahead for everyone in the Shelton family.