Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Roll Up Your Sleeves

Here is confession time: I own only one button-down shirt.  I have this problem, I think, where my shoulders are more broad than the average woman's, and so button-down shirt sleeves are always, always too short on me.  So I never bought them.  I would see those cute shirts with crazy patterns on the inside of the cuffs and think Yes, but I will just be rolling the cuffs up to my elbows anyways, because it will be too dang short, and no one will see that cute cuff detailing.

Well, not anymore!  I found this awesome new way to roll up shirtsleeves, in which you can totally still see the cute cuff detailing!  As soon as I learned about it, it was blatantly obvious to me, and I feel a little silly that I had not thought of it before...

First, obviously, start with a shirt with long sleeves.  This is also a good example of how short long-sleeved shirts usually are on me. 
Pull the cuff all the way up over your elbow.

Now, fold the rest of the sleeve up like normal to meet the cute cuff!  Pull the cuff out a little, if you want it to sort of stick out and be a little wild, or just leave it setting right up against your arm for a more put-together look.   

You may recognize this outfit from an earlier post that I did, but the camera angle is a little better to see the cuff of this shirt.  

Have any of you ever rolled your sleeves this way, and I'm just way behind the curve?  Did this blow your mind the way it blew mine??


  1. No, I have never seen this before and it is SO CLEVER!!! I always, always roll up the sleeves of shirts and wondered how to show off the cute inside detail of the cuff! You are my style maven (and soooo much more)!!! Love you. XXXXX G'ma

  2. I never wear button down shirts because they gap ALWAYS - it's those big boobs of mine!! Do you have a solution for that? (love Mommi)

  3. Grandma--I'm glad that we could get this cuff situation figured out! Mommi--I'll have to think on a solution for your ample bosom :)