Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas In Florida, Part 1

One of my biggest stresses leading up to Christmas was a 10-hour road trip to Florida that JP and I planned to complete with our nearly 6-month little month.  I've just heard horror stories, and so many people shook their heads and gave me pitying looks when I confessed our holiday itinerary.  
You know what?  It was awesome!  I mean, we had our breakdowns (August had one which resulted in me having one during Haley's wedding was a wonderful affair, regardless!), but this kid traveled incredibly well, and we all made it back in one piece.  Dare I say it made us feel a bit fearless about taking August with us on trips in the future?  
On with the pictures!

 We left on Thursday night (12/19), and stayed overnight in a hotel in Valdosta.  August loved hanging out in our king bed while we took turns getting ready!  The little man's first night away from home.

 When we got to Haley's house (the consummate hostess and godmother/aunt extraordinaire) on Friday, August was showered with lots of love and affection.

 Saturday was spent at my dad's house with Grandma in North Carolina; it was such great weather!  We've been in hoodies and boots in Georgia, so it was great to break out the shorts and flip-flops for south Florida.

 Aunt Haley and Grandma in North Carolina kept August well-entertained on a walk around Dad's yard.

 If you know my grandpa, you know he is particular about his hair.  That's why I love this picture of August messing it up!  They are good friends, and August is so lucky to have met most of his great-grandparents (Paul, we're coming for you next!).

 On Monday morning, we head out to the beach to put the little man's feet in the sand!  Although I missed his initial reaction (Mom, Haley, and I snuck over to the resort where Haley's getting married to check out the space.  Oh my goodness, it is absolutely lovely and perfect!!), August enjoyed checking out the water, though was not crazy about it getting too close to him.

 I love those faces!

 Haley took us to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter on Tuesday morning, where we met up with Amber and my mom.  It was such a cool space!  If you're down south, I highly recommend you check it out.

 August really liked grabbing the fence where the turtles were hanging out, and he especially liked being pantsless.

 Hi Aunt Amber!

Come back tomorrow for a peek at Christmas Eve and day!

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  1. LD looks a little startled by it all -- and thanks for thinking about Paul! You don't leave anyone out! Love those sandy August toes.