Thursday, January 23, 2014

Waiting for Dogot, Part 1

One of my favorite plays from the 20th century is Waiting for Godot.  Have you read or seen it?  Estragon and Vladimir essentially spend the entirety of their time onstage just shooting the breeze; there isn't too much happening, but it is difficult to stop reading.  Their friendship and conversation just draws you in.
That's how I feel watching Mia and August interacting.  Mia has gone from super-anxious to relaxed but alert with August, who has officially taken notice of her and her many licks.  
I'm calling this the 'Waiting for Dogot' series.  There are many more to follow.


  1. How cute they are together. August look like he might want some more "kisses" from his sister!

  2. It looks like August was about to lick Mia!