Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Week(s) in Photos

 August and I do a stroller fitness class on Friday mornings, and cap off the outing with a nursing session in the women's lounge of a nice department store.  It's a pretty nice end to the week.

 This little man is putting everything in his mouth these days.  Including his bath toys, like this shark.  Whatever floats your boat, kid.

 Oh my goodness.  Sometimes I can't even take it.

 The sweetest little bear wandered into our living room last week!

After-dinner storytime.  We read a few books throughout the day, and JP shares book duty before we give August his bath.  Doesn't he look so earnest here?

 I bought these shoes on consignment last week and cannot tell you how much they make me smile.  Totally over the top, but I couldn't help myself!

 JP and I celebrated 8 (!!) years of coupledom last Saturday.
I love him.  So.  Much.

 Baby bedhead!

 Monday morning smiles in bed.

On MLK Day, August and I explored the Atlanta History Center, which included an exhibit on local folk art and a recreation of a Civil War-era farm, including sheep!  Very cool space.  The museum is situated on several acres of land, and one of their buildings is a gorgeous house from the 1920s that was used to film The Hunger Games.  How fun is that?!

August is so over being photographed all the time.

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  1. Yay for a million August pictures. Even when he isn't smiling, he's perfect. And the silver hightops???? Oh yeah!! We're set to come down in March. Arriving 11:15 Thursday; staying at the Jupiter/Juno Beach Hampton. Thanks Hilton for all those Gold Points!!