Friday, January 10, 2014

The Week in Photos

 On Saturday, I told JP that I was in the market for a mail organizer and, by the end of the day, this jewel was hanging in our laundry room!  He added the c-hooks on the bottom for keys, and used chalkboard paint on the front panels so we could label our own cubbies.  I swooned.  He's a good man.

 We had a bit of a cold spell here this past week, perhaps you heard about it?

 My happy baby doing the happy baby yoga post.  He loves his feet!

August loves meal time!


  1. Did he make the mail organizer?? Or run right out to The Container Store and buy it??? I think he made it! It's so wonderful to have a handyman husband. And it's so wonderful to have an adorable boy!!! Life is good!!!

  2. I agree with Aunt B - a happy life! Two talented boys - one is handy, the other has a talent for making all of us smile!