Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in Florida, Part 2

Christmas Eve and Christmas flew by!  It's crazy to think it was almost 2 weeks ago; where did 2013 go?  
 Meg and August got to hang out before church.  He was so well-behaved, and slept through most of the service!

 We did get one picture together, Haley!

August got lots of soft toys from Santa, which he was only mildly impressed with.  He's tough to please. 

 He did prove that he's teething, though, on Christmas morning!

 He's also meh on bananas.

 The scene at my grandparents' house while Papa read from the Bible.  It's one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning.

 August can sit on his own!  For about 10 seconds.  We'll take it!

 People took turns pushing August in his stroller to keep him happy during the marathon gift unwrapping.

 We have very patient family!

 Happy parents!

 Happy almost-marrieds!

 My babygirl Layla got some loving over the holiday, too.  She is so, so sweet!

 On the drive back to Georgia, we stopped in Jacksonville to visit some of our favorite college friends, who have an adorable 13-month old girl.  Joe and JP used to be in a band together during freshman year; it is one of my great regrets in life that I met them after the group had disbanded.

August worked on his game with Emma by kissing (licking) her hand.  It was pretty precious.

We made it back from our big trip in one piece, and with lots of great memories and pictures to prove we were there! I'm so glad we made the trek down.  Thanks for your excellent hospitality, Florida family!

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  1. I agree the hospitality was first-rate! It was a pleasure getting to spend August's first Christmas with him (you and John Paul too).