Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Wrap-Up

Better late than never, right?

The first picture of 2013

In January, I announced that JP and I were expecting a little churro!
JP and I moved to Georgia in February, and I shared some of my favorite places from our 4+ years in DC.
March was the month we moved into our house, and found out the churro was a boy!
April was the month we found Haley's wedding dress during Wedding Summit 2013, and the month of running.
In May, Haley hosted a wonderful baby shower for me down in Florida.
Olga took some maternity photos in June, and the churro made an early appearance into our lives.
In July, August took over my phone with pictures, and JP and I discovered just how little sleep we could get by on.
I shared some tips about early parenthood in August.
There was a fun DIY project in September, and I started cloth diapers!
Our little man was baptized in October, and was the sweetest baby during the service.
I 'fessed up about the difficulty of baby sleep schedules (or lack thereof) in November, and shared a truly tasty toffee recipe.
Our year ended with a tour of our decorated house, and August met Santa.

The last picture of 2013

What a busy year!  I am definitely looking forward to 2014.

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