Friday, March 22, 2013

Abbi's Last Two Weeks in Photos

We have TWO Trader Joe's grocery stores close to our house!!  I was really afraid that we would have to give up our candy cane joe-joes and chocolate coconut 'ice cream,' but no fear.  Our sugar intake levels shall remain high.

Our official move-in date was Monday, March 11, but we were so excited to move in that we camped out starting on Friday, March 8!  That meant paper on the floor, primer on the wall, no furniture except our newly-delivered mattress and the folding table and chairs JP's parents lent us.  We had Mellow Mushroom pizza and salad, no internet, and huge smiles on our faces.  This must be grown-up life.

Other parts of grown-up life include a new washer/dryer that is so fancy and lovely I find myself making excuses to hang out in the laundry room.  Seriously, this is the stuff of day-dreaming.

There have been a lot of gratuitous Mia photos going on lately; she's been really cute while getting used to the new place.  Here she and JP are in the guest room while waiting for the internet to be installed; a very sweet staredown.

 How weird would she look with both of her ears up?!  Like a bat-dog or something.

We went to the lake house last Sunday for lunch, and she got to hang out on a swing with the Diegos.  She is crazy about my father-in-law, mostly because he looks like JP is going to when he grows up; I think she thinks it's future JP.

We also discovered this very high-tech dog park about 15 minutes from the house, which was developed by a large grant from Purina.  There's a small agility course, astro-turf, a fountain that spurts water up to keep the dogs cool (which Mia did NOT like), and a little non-turf park attached for those dogs that prefer au natural space.  Holy bananas, it's pretty amazing.

 Everything is unpacked, though that doesn't mean it's been put away.  Artwork takes a while to find a home on the walls, but it will happen eventually!

We don't have any furniture for the dining room (the island is actually going to act as a changing table in the nursery, so is not a permanent fixture).  I'm thinking of opening a small yoga studio with this hardwood space.

The office is still a work in progress, but is coming together!

On Monday, we went to an ultrasound to find out the sex of the churro!  Everything is moving along perfectly and the baby is healthy; what more could we possibly want to hear?  The nurse wrote down the churro's sex in an envelope for us to open during an elegant lunch at Moe's.

The churro is a BOY!!  Look at that smile; JP is beside himself with excitement.  It's so wonderful to be able to say things like, 'our son,' and 'he.'  We're pretty psyched.

 Here's the official bump photo.  This belly cannot be ignored any longer.

I sent a text to my cousins to fill them in on this new development, and couldn't resist posting Dallas' response.  Who knew being a boy required so much stuff?


  1. Oh so much news!!! But the baby boy is definitely the headline! Looks like JP could not be happier. Love you both -- well, love all three of you. OK -- four counting Mia!!!
    XXXXX -- GG'ma

    1. Baby boy is our headline, too! And we certainly have to count Miss Mia; she likes to be right in the middle of the action, too. xo

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  3. LOVED this post! I can't wait to come see the new house in person, it looks great already. And Dallas is so helpful, isn't he? I'll let Matt know his responsibilities for when Dally babysits :)