Friday, March 15, 2013

Haley's Week in Photos

I'll be honest here, I have not done much this week that warrants a picture.  I made a ton of (delicious) pasta sauce with Nesi, worked, went to Gander Mountain, and did some arts and crafts.  Perhaps I can interest you in a sneak peek of my upcoming Tuesday posts?

I found a very clever trick to making paint look distressed!  More on that next Tuesday, where you will see my ADORABLE re-painted frame and where it now lives.

Matt and I have been searching searching searching for artwork for the walls in our room, and have just not found a thing.  Either the colors don't work, or the piece is too small, or it's way too generic.  Also, I read this silly thing on feng shui about how having depictions of water in your bedroom invites robbery, and the majority of original artwork that you can buy around here is of the beach or the river, and now the whole "water=robbery" thing is stuck in my head.  It's been difficult.  The moral of the story is that I have taken it up on myself to create artwork to go on the wall, and here is an in-progress picture.  Maybe I'll share the finished product next week!  I'm pretty stoked with how they turned out. 

Finally, not to get all mushy or anything, but I get to become this guy's wife exactly one year from today!  Let the countdown begin!

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  1. OK, you two lovebirds! You're too cute for words. Countdown is ON!!!