Friday, March 8, 2013

Abbi's Last Weekend in Photos

Last weekend, I drove over to Savannah to meet up with some family and family friends to celebrate my wonderful, smart, blonde cousin's birthday (which was in December.  We're not known for our punctuality).  Amber (that cute one on the left), you are totally worth the drive!  It was an absolute blast. 

Summer, Amber, Justin, and I spent Thursday afternoon shopping around the downtown area, and totally fell for this wall of bundt pans.  Seriously, how much do you want to bake a cake right now?

On Friday, we trekked down to The Lady and Sons for lunch.  It's Paula Deen's restaurant!  I went moderately healthy: 1/2 grilled cheese, cup of tomato and basil soup, and salad.  

Justin, however, got the meatloaf sandwich, which looked amazing.  And thick!  It was awesome to watch him eat it- like watching someone climb a food Mt. Everest.

There is a cute store attached to the restaurant.  You can bet I brought that sign home.  JP is, of course, thrilled beyond words. 
He's not. 

What a cute family!  On the Savannah River, after indulging in some hot-from-the-oven pralines. Yum!

We also did a trolley tour of the city, which was so interesting, it put me to sleep for 30 minutes.  I'm told this is the Cotton Exchange, where the prices for cotton all over the world was set during the 1800s.  And, of course, there is a gryphon outside to guard it.  Savannah, you just make sense.

Forsyth Park is beautiful, and we snuck these pictures in amidst the set-up for a wedding taking place that evening!  Oh, and it was quite chilly in the city over the weekend; didn't get above 55.  For Floridians, that is not early March weather, hence the gloves and pea coats. 

Saturday night was the official birthday celebration, which we started with champagne in the hotel lobby.  Megan, Amber, and Summer enjoyed the real stuff; Kristina (who is 8 months pregnant and absolutely glowing!) and I indulged in the non-alcoholic variety.  Don't worry!  The churro will live to see another sober day!

The evening ended with a hot fudge sundae with chocolate chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Hey, I did have a salad at Paula's place.

Thanks so much for being born so we could celebrate, Amber!  It was a marvelous time; can we do it every February?

Oh, and here's the bump photo of the week.  The tummy is officially bigger than the chest, and people are all about touching it.  My bellybutton is also getting stretched out, which is weirding me out!  The beauty of pregnancy.
On the other hand, tiny kicks are starting.  Incredible stuff.
(I cropped this photo like whoa to clear some of the mess in the hotel bathroom.  Holy bananas, between three girls and one boy who likes to do his hair, we are not a neat bunch.  At least we looked good.)


  1. Yes, there is a baby bump -- and a very cute mommy as well! Sounds like a great fun and delicious weekend.

  2. Big Bundts!! Ha- Ha! And kicks! How exciting! Glad you could spend some time with your cousins. Love the sign - perfect for GA. Can't believe you are a Georgia Girl now - hope you gain a southern accent. xo Mommi