Friday, March 8, 2013

Haley's Weeks in Photos

I know I missed last week's wrap-up, and I'm very sorry.  Prepare yourself for a picture-heavy post!!

A couple of weekends ago, I went out to help Dad get his garage organized (for an important reason: he needs to put a pool table in there).  We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and popcorn for lunch, and this girl could not have been much happier!

Have you heard of this game "Settlers of Catan"?  We play it with our friends, and it's just a little addictive; you have to settle this new island, and there are resources, and you build roads and settlements...Abbi makes fun of me for playing it, but I know what I like!

Matt and I ventured down to IKEA last week to get a new chair and a bookcase (I still hadn't unpacked all of my books!  Can you believe it?!).  We were on a bit of a tight schedule, so I didn't get to look around as much as I would have liked.  I'll have to plan an afternoon to spend there!  We did get some really great stuff, though, and now our home is complete!

Layla helped Matt and his brother put together the bookcase.  She is such a helpful pup.

Nesi scored us free tickets to the Honda Classic last weekend!  AND, since I now drive a Honda, we got to park for free!  We only had to pay for our cocktails and lunch, which was a pretty good deal.  They were really strict about taking photos on the golf course, so we had to sneak this one while no one was looking.  

And finally, Mommi and Brent are visiting!  They are upstairs right now, as I'm typing this!  We had turkey burgers and black-eyed pea salad for dinner the first night they were here, because it was warm enough to use the grill (even though they look chilly in this picture).  

I told them my mission was to fatten them up on this trip, and I'm working on it really hard!  We went to the Jupiter Donut Factory for breakfast and had some incredible donuts, then went to the Mansion to check out the logistics of our wedding.  It was just awful weather, though, chilly and overcast and windy, so I'm praying that it's not that way on our wedding day!

And THEN we went to a wildlife sanctuary, and saw all kinds of wild things: Florida panthers, black bears, snakes, bald eagles, fox, alligators, river otters, bobcats, turtles.  This sanctuary takes in over 4,000 injured animals a year, and only 35% of them can be released back into the wild once they are rehabilitated, so there were a lot of fun things to see!


  1. Whatta week you had!!! But my favorite is the nutritious lunch with LD.

  2. So fun to visit you at your new digs - and that Layla.....she is a sweetie and SUCH a big help with things. PB&J - yum!

  3. We have Settlers of Catan at our library for check-out!