Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Paint Colors!

Oh, I had such a good time with in Savannah over last weekend!  I can't wait to share the pictures with you; seriously, we had a good-looking group who loooves to pose.  You'll enjoy them on Friday!
In the meantime, I have no new recipe to share with you this Monday morning.  How about an update on the Georgia move?
Last Monday was moving day!  Unfortunately, I am utterly useless in this endeavor because lifting heavy items is a big no-no until the churro makes its appearance.  We went with a moving company that is very thorough with their packing technique and wraps everything up with a gazillion layers.  This is obviously great for our items, but does mean that it took them from 9:30-6pm to get our unit all packed!  JP and I spent the day taking turns walking Mia just to get outside; there was really nothing for us to do inside without our books, internet, even chairs to sit on.

We drove down to Atlanta on Monday evening and Tuesday, and are staying with JP's parents here in the city until our house is move-in ready.  Theoretically, we could have moved in last week, but wanted to re-do the carpet and interior paint before our stuff gets in.  On Wednesday, we agonized over paint colors and carpet selections before finally making a decision we're both really happy with.

The main portion of the house (downstairs and our bedroom) is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Grey, the fourth and fifth colors on this chip.  They're warm greys that should be really easy to decorate with, and wear well throughout the years.

You can see how much lighter the pewter is than the original bedroom color; that strip of camel on the wall is what the old owners had.  Now the room has a lighter, calmer feel.  Plus, the old color is almost exactly what was in our old space, and it was time for a change!

The ceiling is painted BM's Dove Wing, which is a super-soft grey that's almost white.  It helps make the room feel a little bigger without the starkness of WHITE.  It used to be a really dark brown that just made everything feel like it was coming down on your head; not a good vibe for the bedroom.

I love the nursery!  We're going with grey walls, which we'll accent with yellow and white.  This is BM's Ozark Shadow, and I love that we can switch out the accent colors for our future babies (!!) while using the same base.  This is actually the smallest room upstairs, so it can handle a slightly darker palette.  

These built-ins will be incredibly useful in the family room, but were painted a really heavy brown.  We lightened it up and matched the trim throughout the rest of the house with white paint, and removed a few extraneous shelves, as well as an arch connecting two of the taller shelves (it was about 3 feet over the fireplace, and made the room feel much smaller).  

After choosing our colors, I felt like Mrs. Blandings.  This scene is priceless.

So that's the progress currently being made!  JP's started work, so I'm spending the week getting our random other things in order: cable, linens for our new mattress, signing up for a library know, the necessities.  I'll post updates throughout this process so you can see how our new life is coming together.  It definitely feels like we're making grown-up decisions, and I may be asking for some opinions down the road!


  1. Oh it's so exciting to see all you're doing to make your house a beautiful home. Love every single color. That scene with Myrna Loy describing the paint color is priceless and unforgetable and should go down in history!

  2. I'm glad it has your seal of approval, since you have one of the cutest houses I've ever seen! I hope you'll get to see it sometime in the nearish future :)