Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Week in Photos

Oh my goodness, y'all, this has been such a long week.  I've got a post coming up about the horrendous  road trip back to GA that August and I went through on Tuesday and Wednesday, which put a massive kink in our productivity these past few days.  In the meantime, here are the high points from the last 7 days!

 August can (sometimes) hold his own tiny bottle!  Already such a big boy.

 We had a playdate last week, and I was able to fit into some pre-pregnancy, non-stretchy pants!  The smile is totally genuine.

 Is there anything sweeter than chunky baby toes?

 Last Saturday morning, JP, August, and I ventured up to Cumming to check out Dutch Monkey Doughnuts.  Um, we might have enjoyed it a smidge.

 We got an assortment of flavors: coconut lime, chocolate passionfruit, Aztec chocolate, banana and chocolate, etc.  Soooo tasty!

 Holding hands.  Be still my heart.

 This is his, 'Mama, stop taking pictures.  I'm trying to concentrate on my sweet potatoes and peas' face.

 August and I took our first solo trip to visit Haley in Tallahassee Sunday!  Hello, Florida!

 Hein read August some poetry before dinner on Sunday night; he liked Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Good taste.

 Big smiles!

 Auntie Haley was an excellent hostess, and also a wonderful back support for August.

 Prior to leaving on Tuesday, the little man took a quick nap with his Hein.  They looked so cozy wrapped in a blanket!

When in Tally, we must wear our FSU sweaters.  How adorable is this little fan?


  1. Every single picture is better than the one before! What a nice review of your week. And SO GLAD you survived that trip home!!! What a time you had!! Very brave but I bet JP doesn't want to let you two out of his sight for a while! Plus -- love the donut pix!!! XXXXX

  2. That August is the cutest, sweetest boy ever! So enjoyed seeing you and SO glad you made it home safely.