Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Air Force One

Free film festival season is here!  I'm telling you, it's almost as though you don't have to pay for a movie outside from now till September in DC.  This year, I'm determined to take advantage of this marvelous time of year, and began last Monday by going to the Crystal City Film Festival.
This year's theme is "By the Numbers," which started out with Harrison Ford's epic Air Force One.  I had never seen it, and Summer had only seen the final 15 minutes, so we double-dated.  We had a lovely time!  The weather was pleasant and breezy (almost chilly!), and we lounged on our blankets while watching the movie and people around us.
Seriously, people watching in DC is awesome.  Almost better than Ford's, "Get off my plane" line.
Our goofy dates.  They got there first and got a great spot!
Not sure what the girl behind them is doing, but I'm glad it's caught on film.
A couple hundred of our close friends.
It's all done in this picturesque square in Crystal City, right next to the metro.  A food truck is there if you're hungry beforehand.
Air Force One is a great summer movie; there's lots of action, Russian bad guys, and Harrison Ford saves the day (surprise!).  All in all, we had a fun time, and I can't wait to do it again!

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  1. Fun! So glad Summer and Luke went along. What a great way to spend a summer evening and it's free! (love, Mommi)